Many wealth managers represent that their “wealth management processes” are different or unique from others. The truth is most knowledgeable wealth managers practice the following multi-disciplinary approach:

  • Assess your financial and investment requirements;
  • Connect these requirements to your intangible goals (e.g., happiness, tranquility, philanthropy and wealth transfer, to identify a few);
  • Assess your appetite for risk vis-à-vis investment returns and investment horizons;
  • Develop and implement your unique investment strategies; and
  • Meet periodically to review your investment results and adjust investment plans accordingly.

Autumn leaves with mountain

Our pledge to our clients is that we not only develop, adopt and use the best processes for wealth management, but more importantly, that we excel at collecting, synthesizing and interpreting all relevant data and translate this data into thoughtful proactive investment strategies. Aside from macro and micro economic considerations, our analysis includes the interplay of geo political, demographic, legislative and tax issues.

Our in-depth investment discipline aims to position our clients to avoid the pitfalls of a passive asset allocation investment strategy, the strategy practiced by most in our profession.

Processes can be mimicked.

Intellect and its applications are developed uniquely.

The goal in investing is asymmetry: to expose yourself to return in a way that doesn’t expose you commensurately to risk, and to participate in gains when the market rises to a greater extent than you participate in losses when it falls.
– Howard Marks